• We are the first to build a true top loading pannier specifically designed for motorcycles using 5.33 mm thick Impact Polypropylene Copolymer, a material known for its resilience, high impact strength, resistance to fatigue, elasticity and toughness. Unlike aluminum or ABS, Impact Polypropylene Copolymer retains its shape after torsion, bending and flexing.

  • Our made in North Carolina Wax Infused Canvas Pannier liners are rugged and attractive enough for use anywhere.

  • Put Your Butt In Our Hands with Keister Fleece!

“Motorcycle luggage, unfortunately, is a morass of mediocrity, between fiddly latches, pain-in-the-ass locks, waterproof seals that are anything but…. [Acme] has taken a refreshingly clean-sheet approach to hard luggage, with new materials and functional changes applied to the archetypal rectangular sidecase…the whole setup is $775, shipped to the lower 48, including panniers, plates, all the mounting hardware and a one year crash damage warranty. Yes, you have to provide the racks, but that’s still a good deal.”

—Review of the universal Acme Motorcycle Panniers by Surj Gish at CityBike magazine.