• “AcmeMoto2 is a solid alternative to aluminum or metal panniers, as well as a hybrid alternative for those who might side with soft luggage. Its great to see American innovation like this; if your in the market for panniers, take a hard look at this option. Considering all the various products that have passed through me for review over the years, the AcmeMoto2 panniers are definitely keepers”
    Paul Smith, Senior Editor, ADVmoto Magazine

    “….your panniers are brick s***t house strong”
    W.P., A long time rider and among the first to use them

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  • Our made in North Carolina Wax Infused Brown Bag Canvas Pannier liners are rugged and attractive enough for use anywhere. We offer a great alternative to the boring black luggage thats common in the motorcycle market.

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  • “The search for long distance riding comfort has traveled in many directions but nothing is as reliable as sheepskin”
    Acmemoto2 Keister Fleece
    “Put your butt in our hands”

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