Acmemoto2 brings innovation to the motorcycle-accessory market with panniers and soft luggage that impress with functionality and style. The luggage system includes the innovative 33-liter Impact Polypropylene Copolymer Top Loading Panniers, Universal Mounting System and Waxed Canvas soft luggage.
The Acmemoto2 team, Scott Olofson and Suzanne Boehm, have jumped into the luggage market with an entirely new category of products.

“We have developed a well-thought-out and high-quality group of products,” Olofson said. “We believe we are the first to build a top-loading pannier specifically designed for motorcycles using Impact Polypropylene Copolymer, a material known for its resilience, high impact strength, resistance to fatigue, elasticity and toughness.”

“We believe it’s a better material choice,” Olofson added, “because, in dramatic contrast to aluminum, Impact Polypropylene Copolymer retains its shape even after a lot of torsion, bending, and flexing.”

Acmemoto2 Tough Cases’ molded construction offers other benefits as well. The molds were designed to give the pannier’s corners and edges a smooth rounded profile that increases the overall strength of the box and makes them safer.

When he owned and operated a motorcycle shop, Olofson found aluminum panniers lacking. “Customers would come to the shop and complain that their aluminum panniers were no longer waterproof after a tip-over,” he observed. “Once aluminum panniers are bent, they are nearly impossible to repair properly. As a good friend said, everyone likes aluminum panniers until they drop the bike.”

Acme Moto 2: Virtually indestructible luggage system inventor, Scott Olafson

Unlike other manufacturers, Acmemoto 2 also offers replacement parts. “If you find a way to break or bend anything, all of the individual parts are available,” Olofson said. “We like the idea of fixing something instead of replacing it.”

“Our panniers come complete, including locks and mounting hardware,” Olofson said. “We could price the parts individually to make the price look better but that not the way we want to sell them. It only works as promised when complete.”

A warranty and return policy to back the product

“If you call something tough you need to back it up,” Olofson says. “That’s why we offer a limited one-year crash damage warranty and a 15-day no questions asked return. We want our Panniers to be a long-term investment.” Olofson explained. “We will either repair the boxes, or send the customer repair parts, or replace them completely.”

Quick and easy and uniquely versatile mounting

The versatile Acmemoto2 Universal Mounting System includes a simple and secure mounting plate and high-strength hardware that is easily installed on a number of side luggage racks. “Our plate is universal in many ways,” Olofson notes.

The Brown Bag Collection

To accompany the hard luggage, Suzanne Boehm, Acmemoto2’s Co-Founder, has worked with a local North Carolina company to design a group of soft luggage. The results are impressive. “We have produced a rugged, functional and attractive collection that can be to used beyond power sports applications,” said Boehm.

Waxed Canvas Motorcycle Pannier Bags

Now this exciting reality is ready to roll.

Available on and at local motorcycle dealers. “Being a former motorcycle shop owner, we choose to supply and support dealers,” Olofson said. “We understand the importance and vital role of dealers in the motorcycle community.”


  • Designed and built to last – The Copolymer Polypropylene is extremely impact resistant and does not dent like aluminum cases. There are no rivets to loosen, leak or rattle.
  • Reinforced rounded corners offer increased strength.  Reducing sharp corners and edges make the luggage safer.
  • Designed and built to last – The Copolymer Polypropylene is extremely impact resistant and does not dent like aluminum cases. There are no rivets to loosen, leak or rattle.
  • Rubber hold-down straps used to secure the lid are easy to use and provide a firm closure when not locked with the two keyed alike automotive style locks. This design choice avoids common the problems with metal or plastic latches that wear with age, loosen and rattle.
  • The lid is connected to the tub with three molded in hinges and a single full width stainless steel hinge pin for added strength
  • The 3/4″ solid aluminum tie down bars/handles bedded in silicone and held in place by stainless steel screws add rigidity to the lid and the box.
  • Our silicone-rubber gaskets mate with a “knife edge” in the lid for a complete seal and stiffen the entire box.
  • When opened, the lid locks in near-horizontal position, providing a secure and handy surface for organizing as you load and unload.
  • All parts are available and easily replaceable.