As a founder of a motorcycle accessories company, I am very critical of products I purchase. I required a set of practical and strong lockable panniers with a universal fit for an upcoming 5,000 kilometer (3100 mile) Black Dog Ride starting from my home on the Coal Coast in New South Wales and finishing in Darwin in the Northern Territory. We would be riding some long days in remote areas with the potential for weather ranging from four seasons in one day to tropical, ten buckets of water over you per minute rain.

Using the proven research method of opening 42 internet browser tabs whilst having a few cold beers, I narrowed down the options and made the decision to go with Acmemoto2.

Universal, lockable, strong as buggery, affordable and overall practical, I was convinced. I contacted Scott to discuss freight to Australia and after a few emails back and forth I paid the man and was excited to have my new panniers on the way. A week later and the securely boxed luggage was on my door step. Upon opening the box I was impressed with the fit and finish of the panniers. A hand-written thank you note the icing on the cake to a pleasant unboxing experience. I couldn’t wait to begin installation.

Mounted Pannier

Within 15 minutes I had them mounted to my universal 20mm steel side racks made by Barrett Australia. Seeking a central weight distribution for my solo ride, I placed them forward on the rack using the adjustability of the mounting plate. The panniers simply slide on to the plate using fixed pucks and a large hand-tightened bolt internal to the pannier. It gives me good confidence that to pinch the panniers the locks must be defeated first to get to the securing bolt. The securing brackets are robust and the nyloc nuts supplied didn’t loosen during the long ride North. I even forgot to

properly tighten the pannier securing bolt for a stretch of road and the pucks kept the fully loaded pannier on the bike without throwing it down the road.

Showing Storage of Mounted Pannier

The 33 litre panniers are a good compromise between width and capacity. With dual locks on each pannier that are keyed alike, I wasn’t worried about parking in some of the less favourable areas we traversed. The top loading function was a game-changer after my two previous bikes had persistently irritating clamshell designs. I lined them with 22 litre dry bags placing wet weather and warm gear in one and everyday clothes in the other. With tools and spares kept separate to my clothes it was convenient at night to leave unnecessary items in the panniers. I do however intend on making a future purchase of the Acmemoto2 waxed canvas liners so that I can

maximise the use of space. I’ll be able to keep the useful separation of tools and clothes using the available lid bag.

The rubber seals have proven to be water-tight, complete with the whoosh sound of an airtight seal when closing the lid. I have pressure washed the panniers and there were no leaks to be found. The rubber latches on either side of the panniers are functional and allowed me to open and close the panniers without removing my gloves.

Panniers in the Outback

Made of “virtually indestructible” polypropylene copolymer and individually replaceable components, I am convinced that I will get many years of enjoyment from the panniers. During my use I’ve done the normal kick of the panniers when mounting the bike, taken them on and off and moved them around on the concrete and even bumped the gate when going down the side of the house, all of which hasn’t shown any noticeable markings. Acmemoto2 will even repair or replace

components to return pannier operation (does not include aesthetics) if there is any crash damage within the first 12 months of purchase; something I’ve never seen another manufacturer promise.

Overall Acmemoto2 have created a wonderful product that brings thoughtful, game changing features into an overcrowded luggage market. With their practical features, robust construction and universal fitment, I highly recommend you give them a try if you’re in the market.

Marcus Wiltshire

Keen rider and founder of Coal Coast Motorcycle Goods