Keister Fleece adds a custom seat pad for the KTM 1290

Keister Fleece uses premium hand cut 1″ thick curly sheepskin. With non-skid backing, two heavy duty elastic hold down straps and quick release delrin adjusters they are designed to add miles to your day.

“Put your butt in our hands…Keister Fleece”


Colombia! A review of our AcmeMoto2 Panniers

A recent review by Pikes Peak and Isle of Man racer Daniel Fernandez for my friends at Mastech. Mastech is a manufacturer and dealer for parts and accessories located in Colombia, S.A

Colombia is a country of motorcycles. Its where riding is more than a passion, its basic transportation.

At the end of 2017 there were 13 million vehicles in Colombia, according to data from the Ministry of Transportation and the automotive association Andemos. Of those, 912,142 were registered for transportation (freight and passenger) and 7.4 million were motorcycles (57%).Aug 16, 2018

Its also a great dual-sport destination.

Seen at KTM Demo Ride

Eurosport Asheville organized a busy KTM Demo ride. The group rides followed a set of Acmemoto2 Panniers mounted on the leaders KTM.


We are International !

Australia! Our first international customer has already put miles of his panniers. We hope this is just the beginning.


Sunshine (Moto Spotter) and Scott

Sunshine takes off for a straight through 739 mile ride to NYC on his Moto Guzzi Sp.

Tough ride in good weather. I offered to lend him some newspaper to use as insulation but he declined….


Panniers and Luggage for motorcycles by Acememoto2

Today is a good day to think about motorcycle racing.

Three months from now it will be the beginning of my 24th year of the adventure, excitement and camaraderie that is racing.  #724- 1937 Indian Sport Scout

Acmemoto2 Panniers

Its chilly in the mountains of Western North Carolina

No Black Friday for us! Morning with a cuppa in front of the woodstove.

At the BMW RA in Michigan

Being a side car “driver” I was attracted to this. Built in the days when style was important!