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Where are these made?

We do all of the assembly in the mountains of Western North Carolina just outside Asheville.

Are they like Pelicans?

They are made from a similar material but there are a number of significant differences.

  • The material mix was specifically chosen for the powersports application. The Impact Copolymer Polypropylene is designed for impact resistance and its ability to withstand a broad range of temperatures.
  • The design is is specific to the power-sports application not an adapted piece of luggage. 


Do you sell through dealers?

YES! We have been a part of the motorcycle world since the 70’s and have witnessed all of the changes. From the small mom and pop shops to the large multi-brand dealers, the one thing that we know. Local dealers are a critical part of the enthusiast business. It’s where you go to meet fellow riders, talk to people that know the products and yes, get a tire fixed or a new battery before you meet your buds for a Sunday morning ride.

Some will say you get a better deal but at what cost? The loss of a local business thats an important part of the sport.

The original Acmemoto- a small mom and pop known for its personality and style



How does your warranty work?

 A simple phone call or email starts the process. We are available most days from 9:00 to 5:00 or so.


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