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As lifelong motorcyclists, we’re passionate about two-wheel travel; be it a trek across the Eurasian Steppe, or a quick step for espresso across town.  Wherever you go, there’s nothing like the feel of the wind, piloting a bike that runs like a Rolex, and having the ability to carry stuff.  That’s where AcmeMoto2 comes in.

An often overlooked, yet essential part of the human/machine interface is luggage.  Experienced moto overlanders say when you’re living out of your bags in challenging terrain for months at a time, they become an essential part of the team, and can make or break your journey.

We like hard bags that stay on their mounts and do not dent or deform when we hit things or drop the bike upon them.   We think a lid belongs on top, so we can pop it open in seconds to load groceries or grab raingear.   Said lid should have locks that lock and seals that seal, keeping our stuff safe and dry, even if we’ve had a few too many tip-overs.

Our Team

Meet the wonderful AcmeMoto2 team and product testers 

Scott Olofson


Has ridden motorcycles all his life and knows what he likes: to sit on a comfortable seat above a bike that runs strong with bags that don’t break.  A thirty-five year career in the motorsports industry has taught him that a company’s success depends on two simple truths:

Develop products which solve common customer problems with affordable, well engineerd solutions, and treat every customer like a friend.

Stephen Potter

aka. “Sunshine” aka “Motospotter”

I met Stephen at the Barber Vintage Festival a few years ago and his enthusiasm for Moto Guzzi’s was incredible. He also took a liking to the Acmemoto Tough Luggage so, when the time came to find someone to test them, he quickly came to mind. The more I got to know him I realized that he had a deep understanding of social media and the place it has in the current motorcycle market.
He also rides a lot.

You will find him on Facebook as Motospotter.


Boomer Sassmann

aka. BigBoom

Boomer recently joined the AcmeMoto2 team with a background in product design, web design and getting stuck in the mud. Being one of the younger members of the acmemoto2 team, he offers a new perspective when it comes to marketing, web tracking/design and testing our product line.

Boomer has a passion for all things BMW. New and old, big and small and he knows the trials and tribulations of dealing with inferior luggage while traveling long distances. 

Boomer can be found on Instagram at @boomersassmann and on his blog at  



Long mile riders who we have relied on to put miles on our luggage

Linda Cluxton

“My history is all motorcycles; 45 years worth and counting. I train hard to stay fit for motorcycling because there are a few moto opportunities I haven’t explored yet…riding in Iceland happens this summer.”
In the 70s Linda rode single track on Huskys, a 250 and a 175, and worked in a commercial photo studio. Weekends she photographed motorcycle races for magazines and moto gear for manufacturers. Linda photographed the ISDE (then ISDT) in the U.S. and around Europe for more than a decade and the US team and magazines like Cycle, Cycle Guide, Motorcyclist and others used her work. Linda’s photo team flew their bikes to Germany in 1982 to ride through the Alps between races there and in Czechoslovakia. “My first road bike was a nearly new 1974 BMW R75 airhead, I still have it but it now has a sidecar.”

Reach her at

John Thompson "JT"

JT started riding in his 20’s as a commuter riding 30+ miles per day. BMW Airheads were his first passion and Jt is an accomplished airhead mechanic. Now, he has joined “Team Orange.” His second bike is a DR 350 Suzuki.
As manager of Black Dome, a locally owned outdoor shop, Asheville, NC native JT has special insight into Western North Carolina’s back woods.
His recent project, the “WNC Dirty Dozen,” is a map series of WNC dual sport roads and trails.
JT has been a part of the Acmemoto2 “conversation” from the beginning by offering advice about design and function.

Jt can be reached at

Barry Crowe

Riding since the 70‘s, Barry’s riding experience includes just about very variety of two wheeled transportation available. His current collection includes his 1984 Harley Super Glide which he purchased new and now has over 140k miles on the speedo. His daily rider, a 2004 Harley Soft Tail is often left at home while he rides his BMW R60/6.

Barry is a BMW factory trained Master Technician with 13 years of experience at Touringsports BMW in Greenville, SC.
He is working with us to design and develop mounting hardware for adapting the Acmemoto2 Tough Luggage to a broad list of bikes, old or new.

Barry’s shop,Trophy Moto, located in Greenville, SC., is well known for its exceptional service.

Reach him at

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