Dual Sport Keister Fleece Seat Pad


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My Honda XR-L was a great bike. It had way more power that I needed but it was fun to ride. I took it on a 500 mile once and found myself standing up most of the way home. The seat was not a long distance device. When I recovered, I made myself a long and narrow sheepskin. I put two straps on it to hold it on the seat. I never looked back. It got muddy once, it still worked.

Premium 1 inch finished curly wool acts as comfortable padding and helps with monkey butt, the dreaded burn at the end of many miles on a hot day.

  • The wool is long lasting, will last for years
  • It will eventually need a quick touch up with a pet brush to keep it fluffy.
  • It stays clean with an occasional shake out.

Keep your ride comfortable and safe. The better you feel, the better you ride. If your focused on butt burn, your not happy and if your not happy your not a good rider. So.take care of your butt and it will take care of you. A sheepskin and some baby powder and you are good for thousands of miles.





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