Theres little to compare the feeling of being on a track first thing in the morning riding a 80 year old bike.

Acme Moto 2: Virtually indestructible luggage system inventor, Scott Olafson

I first started racing with Ahrma when I was in my 40’s. I borrowed a BMW R50/2 from my neighbor Carl. It had earls forks and a single Denfield saddle. I had my old leather leather jacket sewn to a pair of leather pants I bought years before and hit the track at a Ed Bargey Real Racing school at the Talladega track. Imagine being on a track with other students riding fast street bikes on a 500cc 40 year old motorcycle. I did good till a carb float sunk and pissed gas all over me and the bike. I passed anyway.

Anyway, that was the beginning of a 25+ year obsession. Racing is something that sticks with you regardless of the danger, broken bones, expense and frustration of spending the weekend trying to figure our why the bike ain’t running.

I continued to race BMW with a pristine R80. I loved racing that bike because it was bullet proof. After two or three years I replaced the spark plugs and kept racing. Whats started as C & S racing morphed into Cheap and Shameless. The rest is, as they say, history.

All the while, I was watching the handshift class. It looked like it was huge fun and a challenge to my racing skills. The problem though was that there aren’t too many around. So I had to be patient and let a few people know I was interested. Thats when Jimbo Myers of Myers Brothers Racing called me one night and said he had one for me. I bought it sight unseen.

I have been racing it ever since.

45 Cubic Inch- Handshift-Foot Clutch

1937 Indian Scout Class C Racer